Neighborhood Services:
Monrovia's Neighborhood Services is designed to improve the quality for life for all Monrovia residents by connecting you to community resources, city government and your very own neighborhood.  

How we work:
Neighborhood Services has the unique ability to facilitate partnerships of people and resources and we have found that when we all use our strengths together, the community benefits from the united effort.  It is for this reason you will often see Neighborhood Services working in collaboration with others to provide educational courses, organize neighborhood improvement events and address neighborhood issues. 

We call this collaborative effort The Monrovia Area Partnership, or (MAP). 
The MAP program has adapted and changed over the years, driven by residents themselves as the needs of the community changed. We started with policing efforts, after-school programs and home improvement grants, and now offer Leadership classes, monthly newsletters and city-wide conferences.

And what about you?!:

This Blog, the Neighborhood Fix, addresses the most common question we hear from residents: "So I want to help; what do I do next?" No matter your age, abilities or neighborhood you live in, you are an important part of this community and it is our mission to help answer that question - "what now?"

The Neighborhood Fix is your plug into what's going on in Monrovia, so find a place where you can plug in!  Whether it's through an event on our Community Calendar, connecting with someone who's New in Town, or one of our many Programs, The Neighborhood Fix will get you where you want to be.

Let us help you connect and become part of our partnership working towards a strong and united community.

Contact us at or by phone at (626) 932-5525.

Welcome to the Partnership!

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