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Straight from the pages of Parade

Perhaps taking cookies door-to-door isn’t quite your style.A stranger’s front doorstep is a vulnerable place to be.You don’t know if they’re home, do they have dogs, are they going to shut the door in my face, will I remember their name tomorrow, is this a bad time...I could go on.This post is for those of us (yes, me too) who have a hard time mustering up the nerve to overcome those fears but want to be...well, neighborly.Yeah, it does sound a bit old fashioned, but I’m an old fashioned kinda girl. I propose that there is another way!           Yes, there are indeed countless ways to welcome people into my life and allow them to welcome me to theirs.           The following article was passed to me last year and I have just been waiting for the right opportunity to share it!That time has come.           I know it’s cheating to use another person’s article in a blog, but here’s the’s a good story!Also, I’m not a writer. You will enjoy the time you spent reading this …

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