MAP Care For Your Neighbor Program

On Saturday, February 27, The Care for You Neighbor Program completed another successful community improvement project, and helped beautify another Monrovia neighborhood. The property on Cypress Avenue had a series of property maintenance issues that were becoming a problem for the neighborhood.

This home belongs to a Monrovia senior citizen couple that has been dealing with a series of health issues in recent years.  These health issues have prevented them from being able to keep up with the landscape maintenance that this property requires.

The property has one of Monrovia’s oldest homes, which was built around 1890 and sits on a massive lot that has been preserved from new construction development for year; but unfortunately the landscaping on the property progressively worsened despite efforts of the residents to clean, primarily due to their health issues.

The Care For Your Neighbor Program was created to assist our elderly and disabled homeowners in correcting code enforcement issues, and offering a drought tolerant, long term solution to blighted landscape issues.  Code Enforcement and MAP Leaders work to identify unique situations where traditional code enforcement does not effectively work to correct the issues.  This property was an example of this.

Over the past several weeks, the MAP Program collaborated with the Volunteer Center to assist in the cleanup efforts.  Efforts included pruning bushes and trees, eradicating weeds, disposing of trash and debris, and finding a long term solution to help maintain the landscaping.
During this past weekend, the Volunteer Center of the San Gabriel Valley, the Monrovia Rotary Club and MAP Leader volunteers we were able to successfully complete this project by help clean up overgrown vegetation and provide a mulch weed barrier to a large part of the property.  Thanks to everyone who was able to help to make this project a success.

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MAP Care For Your Neighbor Program

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