Congratulations MAP Graduates

This fall, Neighborhood Services hosted our 8th Annual MAP Adult Leadership Academy and welcomed 14 more members to the MAP Family. Our MAP Leaders now have a better understanding of Monrovia and how our local government works, are more inclined to participate in community events and have met great neighbors they might not have met otherwise! Check out our new leaders as they graduated in front of City Council Tuesday, November 3rd!

The MAP Leadership Academy provides a foundation of knowledge to jump-start and sustain residents’ service in the community. After the Academy, graduates become part of an ever-growing network of community leaders. We call these graduates our MAP Neighborhood Leaders. All Neighborhood Leaders are invited to MAP quarterly trainings, are eligible for assistance with neighborhood meetings & events and are notified of leadership and volunteer opportunities that become available in the community.  They partner with us to serve and to continue to build this great  community!

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