Asian Tiger Mosquitos in Monrovia

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes IN MONROVIA, UPDATE FROM 

Recently, the City was informed by the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District (MVCD) that Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are in the area, and that they are aggressive and biting even during the daytime hours!  This specific breed of mosquitoes are invasive to our area and getting bitten by one of these insects tends to cause more irritation, larger bumps, and more itching than other types of mosquito bites.  Additionally, Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are known vectors of several types of human arboviruses, including; chikungunya and dengue in humans.
Asian Tiger Mosquitos can be recognized by their small black body which have distinctive white stripes.  

Watch the MVCDs public services announcement regarding the Asian Tiger Mosquito at the following link:

Some tips that were shared by the MVCD regarding preventing the spread of mosquitos include the following:
  1. Mosquitoes require stagnant, or standing, water to breed.  Residents should strive to eliminate any standing water from their yards, watered vegetation, planters, and flower pots.
  2. After every rain, remember to "Dump and Drain" any areas with standing water.  Even a small amount of water will create a breeding ground.
  3. Residents who suspect that Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are present in their yards should routinely dispose of or carefully clean and disinfect any containers that hold water.
 Additional information can also be found online at:, and service requests can be submitted electronically at

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