What To Do About Abandoned Carts

Have you noticed those pesky abandoned carts around town? Not too many right?

Thanks to hard working City Staff, the "Shopping Cart Containment/ Retrieval Ordinance" was put in place in August 2011. This ordinance assists in requiring businesses to keep their shopping carts on site. In addition to that, also require retrieval of store's carts, should they leave the store area.

While this ordinance has been so helpful to ensure there is less blight, and our streets are clean and safe, sometimes carts can appear in places they are not supposed to.

So what can we do?

  1. Call the California Shopping Cart Retrieval Corporation (800) 252-4613
  2. Request a pick up online HERE
  3. Download the California Shopping Cart Retrieval Corporation app & request a pick up

Thank you all for your help with this! 

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