Don’t Get Scammed by Utility Impostors

*A message from Southern California Edison

Don’t Get Scammed by Utility Impostors

Customers across the nation are being targeted by scammers who are demanding immediate payment on past due utility bills. Approximately 1,500 Southern California Edison (SCE) customers have received call this year, while more than 200 have become victims.

SCE wants to remind their customers to be aware of utility impostors. According to SCE’s Consumer Affairs Manager Marlyn Denter, it is important for customers to be alert and be aware when they receive calls from individuals demanding money for payment.

“SCE will never call a customer to collect or demand money for past due bills,” said Denter. “We are not in the business of threatening our customers with the termination of service.”

Denter continued to emphasize that there are ways for customers to protect themselves. The following are tips to help customers protect themselves from these scam artists:
  •        Ask for the person’s name and call back number, a supervisor's name, how much money they are requesting, and the method of payment.
  •        Check the area code of the number you are getting a call from. If it is not an 800 number, the call is fraudulent.
  •        Call SCE directly at 1-800-655-4555 to ask about your bill.
  •        Contact local authorities if you suspect the phone call is fraud.

“We really care about our customers and don’t want them to become victims of this scam,” said Denter. “We want our customers to know that they can always call us if they have questions about their bill because we are here to help.”

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